Building a New World
without Data Abuse

We are data ownership and privacy freaks.
We built a kind of philosophy based on four pillars:
users data ownership, privacy, compensation and trust.

Full GDPR compliance!

Sun Core Platform gives user full power over their data. Users decides which data are private, public or free. Platform does not allow tracking, cookies or any other means of profiling.


Four pillars of our philosophy

User is the sole owner of data, and can publish, change or delete data at anny time

User control privacy levels and decides which data is shared

User should be compensated for any usage of his/her data

Blockchain and smart contract will secure data handling and monetisation

We’ll Show You How It’s Done


We do not truck users. Profile yourself and earn some money.

New generation platform built on top of the powerful blockchain-based and smart contrat driven Sun Core engine that safeguards four pillar values of data protection and privacy.

Check, new generation social network.


Trusted Solution

The SUN Ecosystem is designed as a hybrid between blockchain technology and ElasticSearch database. Private key is used for signing data ownership. Each access to data is registered in the public blockchain explorer.

A Blockchain Solution for Data Ownership and Privacy